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Forms Forum: The Society of Georgia Archivists' Forms Resource

Welcome to the Forms Forum! The forms listed below have been compiled as a resource for archivists and librarians, or anyone else needing to make sense of the organization, administration, and work-flow of an archives or special collections library. Many thanks to the archives that have donated their forms for the Forms Forum. While the Society of Georgia Archivists has provided these forms in one place for easy reference, it is in no way responsible for the content of individual forms.

For more information about the Forms Forum, or to donate your organization's forms, please contact us at Please read the guidelines for submission before submitting your form(s.)

Form Categories

Administrative Forms

Deeds of Gift and Deposit Agreements

Film Preservation

Oral History Forms

Patron and Reading Room Forms

Photocopying and Reproduction Forms

Preservation Forms

Processing and Stacks Maintenance Forms

University Records Forms

Guidelines for submitting your forms to the Forms Forum:

  • The originating agency will submit their forms via e-mail attachment to the Society of Georgia Archivists ( as Word or PDF documents. SGA will rename the document to clearly identify the type of form and the donating institution, i.e., "Photocopy Request - Georgia State University." We will also change Word documents into PDF documents before loading to the Forms Forum page.

  • The forms will be organized by type of form, not by repository.

  • Forms submission should be accompanied by an e-mail giving SGA permission to place the forms online. This does not have to be formal, but the note about permission must be clearly stated in the e-mail.

  • It will be the responsibility of the originating organization to send updated forms to SGA.

  • Originating agency can request that forms be removed at any time; however, a reasonable amount of time should be allowed for the request to be completed.

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