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Frequently Asked Questions

I’m interested in joining the program! What’s next?

Contact the Mentoring Program Coordinator to discuss your goals and expectations and complete the participant registration form

How long does the program last?

The standard program is 12 months – this fosters the mentor/protegee relationship and allows for working on specific goals during the year.  However, new options are being developed including:

 Updated time frames.  Instead of 12-month agreements, allow for shorter time period, with a lower limit of six-months

  •  Mentorships can be based on projects or workflows rather than time frames.  An example might include a new professional who is interested in implementing a new project, looking for assistance from a mentor who has worked on a similar project and can offer advice on topics including choosing the right system, creating a business case, suggesting funding options, pointing to trusted vendors, etc.
  •  A local networking group would allow a mentor to work with a new professional or a professional new to Georgia.  This would be in addition to the work of the Membership committee and would add flexibility to allow mentors/protegees to schedule at their convenience. Options could involve the mentor hosting a coffee hour/zoom meeting for protegee introductions. 
  • Establishing a cohort networking group to allowing members with similar interests, jobs, or locations to build their own relationships.  The mentor would be responsible for gathering the cohort and managing the participants (i.e. making sure they stay involved and are engaged in the group)

 How am I paired with a mentor?

You can request a specific mentor, or we can pair you with someone. The Program Coordinator will discuss options with the protegee including their goals, education, job-level, and other interest to help choose the most effective mentor.  The mentor and protegee are given each other’s resume and expectations to see if it is a good fit. If both agree to proceed, then the Coordinator shares contact information and encourages first contact and developing a meeting schedule.

What do I do if I have questions or concerns during the program?

Contact the Mentoring Program Coordinator.

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