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SGA Strategic Plan

In 2014, then-president Courtney Chartier initiated a strategic planning process for the Society of Georgia Archivists (SGA). She appointed a Strategic Planning Task Force (SPTF) to conduct the work, consisting of members Brittany Parris (then Secretary), Sarah Quigley (then Vice President), Ryan Rutkowski (then Mentoring Program Assistant Manager), and Lynette Stoudt (then Past President). The SPTF conducted a SWOT Analysis to identify SGA's strengths and weaknesses and then conducted a survey to gauge membership satisfaction with current programmatic offerings and identify areas for potential growth (Appendices A and B). The SWOT Analysis revealed that SGA offers a strong return on investment for members, with robust educational offerings, opportunities for leadership and service within the organization, and administrative transparency. Our weaknesses include poor internal records management, a sense that the organization is leadership heavy and could encourage the participation of members more often, and that our recruitment procedures have not lead to a fully representational and diverse administrative body.

The membership survey confirmed the results of the SWOT Analysis. It also revealed that our members are strong boosters for the organization, frequently recruiting new members and encouraging them to become more involved. We learned that our members value the opportunities we provide for networking and continuing education, but they are also eager to see SGA expand those opportunities through virtual or peer-to-peer educational programs. Members also indicated that they would like to see growth for SGA in the areas of diversity and digital initiatives. Of approximately 230 active members, 102, or approximately 44% of the membership, completed the survey.

Strategic planning efforts continued in 2015 under President Sarah Quigley. The composition of the SPTF remained the same. At the April 2015 board meeting, board members participated in a mission statement brainstorming activity. The board discussed and revised the draft mission statement at the July meeting and approved the final statement at the October meeting. Also in October, the SPTF met for a day long writing retreat to compose a vision statement, core organizational values, and outline strategic priorities for the organization. The vision statement and core organizational values statement were approved at the October board meeting.

We have identified six strategic priority areas for 2016-2020. They are outreach, education, fiscal sustainability, institutional knowledge management, diversity, and communication and publications. We have also identified three to six specific goals for each area with anticipated organizational impact and outcomes.

In February of 2016, the SGA Board voted to approve SGA's Strategic Plan. From February through June 2016, the Board developed a Timetable of actions for enacting the Plan. The Timetable will be revised annually over the course of the Plan's lifetime.

Strategic Plan, revised in December 2017 (timetable items grouped by strategic priority begin on page 33 of PDF and timetable items grouped by SGA Board role begin on page 45 of PDF)

Strategic Plan, revised in June 2016

A new strategic plan was put in place in 2020, under SGA President Angela Stanley and the SGA Board of Directors. A strategic planning retreat commenced in January of 2020. With consultation from board members and consultants, Stephen Houser and Andrea Jackson, a draft of the strategic plan and timetable were discussed further in a separate board meeting in June of 2020. The 2021-2025 Strategic Plan was then approved by the board on July 1, 2020.

2021-2025 SGA Strategic Plan

2021-2025 SGA Strategic Plan (Abbreviated)

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