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SGA Elections

This page serves as a reference for current election and candidate information, and is also used to inform members of voting actions (re: changes to the bylaws, membership dues, and other actions requiring the vote of SGA members). 

Proposed Bylaws Change to Administrative Assistant and Communications Director roles: 

The SGA Board has proposed two revisions to the bylaws so as to bring the bylaws into alignment with current decisions and operations of the Board. The proposed bylaws language changes to the Administrative Assistant and Communications Director Board positions are posted in full here for your review. These proposed bylaws change was voted on and approved by the SGA Board at their April 29, 2022 Board meeting. Per the Society of Georgia Archivists Bylaws, any amendments and revisions to the bylaws must be ratified by a two-thirds majority of the organization’s members casting a vote, regardless of membership type.

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