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Society of Georgia Archivists Mentoring Program

The SGA Mentoring Program is just one of the many benefits available exclusively for SGA members. Joining the program means you will have the benefit of the vast experience of SGA’s professional archivists working throughout the state. The Program is for all members, at any stage of their career, from those just entering the work force to those who are changing tracks or taking on new responsibilities such as management. 

The importance of mentors in our lives and careers cannot be overstated. Professional archivists face many challenges and having a mentor or someone you can turn to for advice or help in developing skills and strategies can make all the difference in the world.


Take it from some of our mentors about the importance

of their mentors:

“At every step of my career I've had amazing mentors that have

helped me grow, develop, and reflect on this profession.”

“I have been mentored several times throughout my career and it

has shaped where I am today.”

“…it's invaluable to have someone outside of your workplace that

you can turn to with questions great and small.”


Mentoring Program Options

Traditional Program

The traditional programs are the most common relationships and are best for those interested in working on long-term goals such as securing employment or changing positions, workplace effectiveness and communication strategies, and general career advancement advice. Time frames include six- and nine-month options

Archives Advisor Program

The Archives Advisor Program is designed to connect anyone at any point in their career with other professionals for advice and support on specific workplace projects or challenges. Often these relationships are based on projects or workflows rather than time frames. Topics may include:

  • Grant writing
  • Content management software implementation or migration
  • Planning digitization projects
  • Navigating departmental reorganization
  • Managing changes in management or supervisory status
  • Promotion and tenure advice
  • Any other situations of limited duration.

Leadership Shadow Program

The Leadership Shadow Program offers one of the best ways to develop leadership skills by allowing participants to shadow SGA leadership members over the course of six-months to a year by participating in leadership meetings and working closely with the President, the Vice President, and the Treasurer the as they fulfill their roles.  This pathway builds participants’ resumes and prepares protégés to assume leadership positions in any professional organization, including SGA. Shadowing of other positions are also possible.

Group Mentorships

Group Mentorships consists of semi-structured interactions with other participants in the Mentoring Program. This pathway is ideal for those new to the archival profession, including students or those making a change from another career path, or archivists who are new to Georgia or the region.

  • Networking groups will organize members from a region to build local relationship and is  ideal for those new to the archival profession, including students or those making a change from another career path, or archivists who are new to Georgia or the region.
  • Cohorts will center around an interest or specific topic allowing members with similar interests, jobs, or locations to build their own relationships.

     Current Cohorts include:

  • Current SGA Mentors
  • Current SGA Proteges (in process)

Current Society of Georgia Archivists Mentoring Program Mentors

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