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Tamara Livingston

Job Title (or description):

Executive Director, oversee archives, rare books, records management operations

Institutional Affiliation or Status:

Kennesaw State University

Interested in the following mentorship types:

Traditional nine-months, Traditional six-months, Archives Advisor pool, Networking group

Networking topics of interest:

  • Archival Education
  • Northwest GA

Did you have a mentor, and what impact did they have on you? 

I've had several; their advice was especially useful for navigating management issues.

Why would you make a good mentor?

I've taught at institutions of higher education for over 25 years; have experience advocating and building a program; participated at various levels for several professional organizations; I have a broad view of the intersection between archives, records management, and special collections, and libraries/museums.

What is the best piece of professional advice you received?

Think that you might be wrong (always give the other person the benefit of the doubt).

What is your favorite type of candy?

I have to choose?? Reeses peanut butter cups and Milkyway Dark bars.

Topics of expertise:

  • Administration
  • Teaching
  • Digital preservation
  • Preservation

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