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Cathy Miller

Job Title (or description):


Institutional Affiliation or Status:

The QUIKRETE Companies

Interested in the following mentorship types:

Traditional nine-months, Traditional six-months, Archives Advisor pool, Leadership Shadow, Networking group

Networking topics of interest:

    • Corporate Archives
    • General Issues

      Did you have a mentor, and what impact did they have on you? 

      Not a mentor per se, but one who encouraged me to get involved thru a volunteer position on the SGA Board and it was the best suggestion that has ever been given to me. I am naturally an introvert so having someone tell me that they thought I would be a good candidate for a leadership position was the gentle nudge I needed to push me out of comfort bubble and I don't miss my bubble at all!

      Why would you make a good mentor?

      I have worked as an archivist in various repositories (government, academic, corporate) for 10 years. Specific interests within the profession revolve around appraisal/selection and outreach/advocacy work. I've worked with mainly analog (paper) records (& digitized surrogates) as well as some audiovisual content. I have a small (but continually growing) amount of experience in working with born-digital records. Within my jobs, I've always held the position of archivist and thus had limited supervisory/leadership roles, but have striven to take on a form of leadership within my jobs wherever possible. I have had the opportunity to build leadership skills through my participation in my various board roles with SGA as well as my work with the Regional Archival Associations Consortium (RAAC). I know that my collective work experience paired with my voluntary leadership roles with SGA and RAAC will help to inform my abilities as a mentor. I look forward to serving as a guide for new professionals and more important, I'm excited for the learning opportunity it presents me in getting to engage with new archivists.

      What is the best piece of professional advice you received?

      The best professional advice I received was encouragement to get involved with the SGA Board through either an appointed or elected position. I would not be the archivist I am today without the engagement that I have had with my fellow SGA members and specifically, the relationships I built with board members. From my work experience, I will say that the best piece of advice I received when describing records was to try to envision the future uses the records would come to & to let that inform my description and access points.

      What is your favorite type of candy?

      This is a hard question. I will say Snickers. Reeses & York Peppermint Patties are a close second & third.

      Topics of expertise:

        • Corporate Archives
        • New professionals

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