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Michael Nagy (Mentor #2011-12)

Michael Nagy

Reason(s) for wanting to be a mentor:

To assist those new to the profession, or without close professional colleagues, in the practice of archival work and professional development.

Is there any other information about your career or yourself that you would like to share with potential mentees?

I am a generalist in all areas, knowing enough to do a good job and find further information. I am not an expert nor specialist in any area. Being a lone arranger at a small repository gives me a relative freedom that I enjoy. The best part of the archival field is learning how to do things the “right way” so you have enough information to decide how to best do things practical to your own situation.

As a mentor, I see myself as:

  • Resource
  • Sponsor
  • Teacher

I want to help a mentee:

  • Expand their core knowledge of professional issues, archival standards, best practices, etc.
  • Feel more a part of or connected to the professional community and SGA
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