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Gilbert Head (Mentor #2011-07)

Job Title (or description):

Archival Associate (Retired)

Institutional Affiliation or Status:

Retired (formerly University of Georgia)

Interested in the following mentorship types:

Archives Advisor pool

Did you have a mentor, and what impact did they have on you? 

David Gracy, who gave me my philosophical underpinnings via GAI and years of correspondence and support. The American Archival community owes a great deal to him.

Why would you make a good mentor?

In the past, my mentoring strengths have been formed over my 40 year career of problem solving and strong human interpersonal skills. I also was a mentor for many years inside SGA for scholarship fundraising, and I worked for years at UGA strengthening governance interfaces between the Libraries (UGA Archives' home) and the larger university administrative structures.

What is the best piece of professional advice you received?

Always remember that stewardship is a calling to human service.

What is your favorite type of candy?

This answer used to be difficult to pinpoint, but I am a diabetic, so.....

Topics of expertise:

  • Presidential papers

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