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Courtney Chartier (Mentor #2011-02)

Reason(s) for wanting to be a mentor:

To help someone new connect with the profession, or to help someone in any stage in their career navigate new challengesand opportunities, and to find increased fulfillment to our professional community and shared values. And finally, because it is a benefit to me to engage with others outside of my own institution for inspiration and development. 

Is there any other information about your career or yourself that you would like to share with potential mentees?

I am very involved in professional outreach and advocacy efforts, with SGA, SAA and ACA. I have also presented at regional and national meetings, and have published and co-edit an archives journal.

As a mentor, I see myself as a:

  • Adviser/Counselor 
  • Resource

Areas of specialization:

  • Access/outreach/reference
  • Exhibits
  • Management/supervision
  • Instruction

Collecting areas:

  • Academic
  • Manuscripts
  • Rare books

I want to help a mentee:

  • Expand their core knowledge of professional issues, archival standards, best practices, etc. 
  • Feel more a part of or connected to the professional community and SGA
  • By providing advice related to building and navigating professional relationships (with supervisors, direct reports, co-workers, peers, etc. )
  • By providing assistance with a specific goal (such as project, publication, presentation, grant submission, etc.) 
  • By assisting with the job search process by reviewing cover letters and resumes and helping to prepare for interviews. 
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